Tech Services

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Providing Internet & Business Services while helping people use technology.

Business Technology Consulting, IT Support

  • Instant, Professional, and Efficient Services

  • Monthly Protection, and Problem Resolutions, with Full Support

  • Technical Consultant for Servers, Networks, Internet, POS, Retail, Web

  • Improvements with Networking Security & Wi-Fi Signal

  • Data Cloud Backup and Protections, Security Consultation

  • New Computers, Laptops, Home Theaters, Projectors Available

  • Data Transfers to New Computers & Equipment

  • Custom Websites Design, and Email Protections

  • Professional Digital Signal, Home Theaters, High End VR Rooms

  • Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Apps & Development

  • Purchasing, Consulting, and Advisement for Software, hardware, etc.

  • Computer Upgrades, and Replacements, Whole Systems

  • Window Desktop PC, Laptops, and Smartphones