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Our history begins with a long past of helping neighbors with tech support at an early age, and continued thirst for technical knowledge for many years to come. Enjoying my youth and learning on computers that is now decades old, and starting learning tech support before the internet had so many sites, and BBS were the norm.

Who is the Founder? Eric Douglas has enjoyed providing technical support and network administration for several businesses and helping the community residents with various computer issues and provided years of continued tech services from a young age installing new devices, custom building computers, working with leading web development firms, and technical service providers from antivirus, to copy machine repairs.

Company Overview of Douglas PC LLC, a community source for technology services to help support and provide attentive care for your devices from computers, network devices, servers, tablets, printers, and mobile device management. Aiming to give back to our community we strive to exceed expectations, and give full customer satisfaction with full warranty and attentive service within a timely schedule, and offer tech services for all our customers.

Helping businesses and residential with any technical issues and deal with anything from advance firewalls, network security, penetration testing, network & security assessments. These services will find the areas that need to be addressed to help secure your environment and provide the adequate protections for compliance reports and certifications. Following several popular frameworks to maintain a high level of protection and security needed for our customers our services surpass normal backup and disaster recovery, with high level encryptions, we can help with cyber-security insurance, and several different compliance standards.

Contact us for help desk, technical support, or enhancing your IT department.